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Baumit has over 30 years’ experience in creating our range of innovative, tested EWI and render products, designed to create beautiful, healthy homes for people to live in. We are therefore keen to give tradespeople the opportunity to use our products to create better spaces for their clients. But most importantly, we want to ensure our customers have the utmost confidence when it comes to application of EWI systems.

What to expect

Baumit Approved EWI Course 

Our Approved Applicator course has been designed to educate participants on the broad range of EWI installations and practices via both theoretical and practical experience at our on-site, purpose-built training academies.

Why Attend?  

  • Distinguish your company from competitors with the latest practical knowledge
  • Expand your team’s knowledge, expand your service offering
  • Experience trusted best practice for correct installation of EWI systems
  • Option to become a Baumit approved installer opens up new work opportunities
  • Once approved, receive ongoing support from Baumit regarding application processes

What will be covered?

The Baumit Approved Installer Course is a 1.5-day course.

On day one, the course begins with a short classroom session which provides an overview of Baumit EWI systems and best practice for installation. We then move on to the practical session hosted in our purpose-built training booth. On day two you will have a chance to review your work from day one before moving on to the second practical session.


  • How to assess whether a substrate is suitable to receive EWI
  • Using property’s surveys to assess what will be required prior to EWI application
  • Pull-out tests and how they help to determine the correct fixing type
  • Theory on all the practical elements
  • Good practice how the system goes together


  • Window details
  • Gas boxes and electric boxes details
  • Cold bridging, sealing the system down (for water ingress)
  • Fixing base rails
  • Adhesive fixing of the insulation boards
  • Mechanical fixing of the insulation boards
  • Beading, Base coat and mesh
  • Primers and top coats

The course will feature customised content throughout concerning the EWI system options and scenario-based requirements suitable to your company, as well as further in-depth details on legislation updates and NIA content where applicable.

 After completion of this 1.5-day course you will leave with Baumit Approved Installer status. This will be followed by on-site project assessments each year to build upon your Baumit Approved status.

Course Dates

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New dates are added regularly but feel free to contact us if you have a specific date in mind. 


20th & 21st July 
9th & 10th August
15th & 16th August
6th & 7th September
19th & 20th September 


13th & 14th July 
9th & 10th August
6th 7 7th September
19th & 20th September

Other Training Opportunities

On-site Approval 

Want to become Baumit approved, but short on time Why not request an on-site approval. One of our Field Engineers can come and complete the Baumit EWI application and approved applicator process with you on a live project.

Request more info.

Spray Days 

Nearly all Baumit products can be spray applied. If you are looking to move towards spray application and want to try out our products, we are able to set up a day to demo our product range either at one of our academies or on-site.

Contact us for more details.

Design Render

The Baumit product range offers free reign for creativity. Want to try your hand at some new textures and finishes? We are more than happy to advise and demo our product capabilities at either our Maidstone or Doncaster training centres.

Get in touch for more info.