Customer Q&A with CTR Specialists

In this current climate, being able to offer something different to new and existing clients is vital to business development.

To take his company to the next level, Luke Cooper from CTR Specialists enrolled on the Baumit Training Academy Gold Course. Here he discusses why he chose to attend the course, expressing the pivotal difference the qualification has made to his business.

Q: Why did you come to the Baumit Training Academy?

A: CTR Specialists are experts in colour through renders. Over the years we have used a variety of products including those created and supplied by Baumit. As Baumit’s products are crucial to our business operation, we decided to participate in the course as we wanted to learn more about Baumit’s product range and different applications.

We were also very interested in becoming a Baumit approved partner and applicator to receive leads from Baumit going forward.

Q: Did you like the facilities?

A: For the practical part of the course, we were given a designated booth to work from which is really important when you’re in the first stages. During this time Chris is always on hand to give advice when necessary, which again is another vital factor to ensuring people feel comfortable.

The size is perfectly coordinated for one-on-one time; it gives you enough room to reach your full potential without intruding on anyone else’s space.

Q: What were the highlights?

A: Chris Kendall is recognised as an expert in his field, so it was great to learn from him. When it comes to the course content, we found that we were taught the right amount of information on installation to take us to the next level.

Q: How has it helped with your career?

A: In terms of the future we hope to expand the business, where Baumit’s Gold Course is perfect for setting companies on the right path to achieve this. Aside from gaining important practical and theoretical knowledge about products and application, we were able to network with other companies.

With Baumit’s name and product behind us, our future is looking even brighter.

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