Customer Q&A with AMJ Contracts

Distinguishing your business from the rest is crucial to long-term success. It is why Adie Jackson and Sarah Bioletti from AMJ Contracts decided to enrol on Baumit Training Academy’s Gold Course, to give their company that defining aspect which will enable business continuity well into the future.

Q: Why did you attend the Baumit Training Academy?

A: AMJ Contracts is a rendering and plastering company specialising mainly in spray render. Although we are already very familiar with a variety of EWI applications, we wanted to attend the course to take our business to the next stage.

Completing the gold course has many benefits including building a connection with Baumit, receiving a gold installer card and having Baumit specifying our work. Not only is the course extremely beneficial, we are now able to offer our clients the best EWI solutions in the market.


Q: What were the highlights?

A: The installation time and using Baumit’s products were fantastic; however, as stressed in the above, it is the connection with Baumit that is essential. Building relationships with people such as Chris Kendall and having the ability to get his advice in the future is a blessing in disguise. Knowing there is ongoing support that will last is unique to Baumit’s Training Academy - relationships are maintained even after the course finishes. The free stationery and goodies were also a huge, unexpected bonus!


Q: What did you think of the course?

A: Even though we are a company with experienced team members, we felt as if this course challenged us in the right way. We came away confident that all of our questions had been answered and were excited about delivering new solutions and products to our clients. The course content was perfect for the level of our company.


Q: How else has it benefited your business?

A: Attending the training academy broadened our horizons in more ways than simply gaining the gold course qualification. As the course is a great networking opportunity, we have since started to collaborate on rendering work with a fellow gold course participant who uses Baumit’s products.

Without attending the academy we would have never made this important connection which has benefited both businesses and all of our clients. It’s really crucial to have this collaborative attitude – instead of competing with one another, we are complementing each other.


Q: How did you find out about the academy?

A: We found out about the course via LinkedIn, as we had been actively looking for training within a company and we wanted a formal, industry-recognised qualification. Baumit has a fantastic LinkedIn page and were posting about the gold course, so that is where we found out and subsequently applied.

Q: Would you recommend the academy to others?

A: Definitely – if it has helped our businesses then it will be an asset to others!


Find out more about the Baumit Training Academy here.