Baumit presents Europe’s most beautiful facade 2022

The most prestigious architects and construction companies cheered live at the award ceremony for the most beautiful facades in Europe. On 19 May, an international jury in Valencia selected the Baumit Facade 2022. 

 The jury made it exciting until the very end, when after 6 category prizes, "Cukrana Gallery" from Slovenia was finally awarded the most beautiful facade from more than 300 projects submitted. 

 Of the 36 finalists, a further six category winners were delighted to receive awards.

On Thursday, 19 May 2022, the time had come. Baumit presented the Baumit Life Challenge Award for the fifth time. Valencia, the design capital 2022, became the venue for the most beautiful facades from all over Europe. In addition to design, appearance and craftmanship, other criteria such as social aspects, sustainability and the use of resource-saving building materials were taken into account in the evaluation. 

 The winning project "Cukrana Gallery" is a prime example of how an old unused industrial building was given a new lease of life by means of well thought-out planning and renovation and put to a completely new use. 

 After in-depth deliberation, 13 international jurors decided on further winners from six categories available: Single Family House, Multi Family House, Thermal Renovation, Historical Renovation, Stunned by Texture and Non-residential. 

Four other countries had reason to celebrate. Austria took prizes in the Historical Renovation category with the Friedensburg Schlaining project and in the Stunned by Texture category with "Live in the Green_Joseph Lister Street". Germany rejoiced over the victory in the categories Thermal Renovation and Non-residential. For the first time, the expert jury decided on the award-worthiness of a project in Ireland in the category Single Family House. The host country Spain was able to win the category Multi Family House with a project from Madrid. 

 "What has become a coveted international competition began in 2014, with an invitation to all European Baumit countries to show their most beautiful facades to the public. We now see every two years at the Life Challenge Award what the perfect symbiosis of imagination and craftsmanship achieves and how fascinating facades are created from the combination of innovative materials, structures, shapes and colours," Robert Schmid, CEO of the Baumit Group and initiator of the contest, is pleased to say.


European Facade of the Year 2022: The winning projects at a glance

Overall winner:

Cukrana Gallery

The six category winners:

Single Family House
Connemarra II House

Multi Family House

Bavarian College Augsburg

Historical Renovation
Friedensburg Schlaining

Thermal Renovation
Volkach Comprehensive School

Stunned by Texture
Live in the Green_Joseph Lister Street

Six categories, one award as overall winner

In the competition for the title of Europe’s most beautiful Baumit Facade 2022, architects and construction companies competed in six different categories that could not be more different. Whether Single Family House, Multi Family House, Non-residential, Historical Renovation, Thermal Renovation or Stunned by Texture - international architects and contractors showed top form. 

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