Top 2021 Home Decor Trends - DIY Home Renovations

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world and lockdowns keeping so many of us indoors, it isn’t too surprising that a lot of time, in both 2020 and 2021, has been dedicated to DIY home renovation projects.

Even though the “new normal” is now on the horizon, it looks like the DIY trend isn’t going anywhere soon, as households everywhere are still on the lookout for the best home improvements to bring their living spaces up to date.

With this in mind, here’s a lowdown on the top 2021 home décor trends that you might want to consider if your home needs a makeover.

Go Rustic

Even the most modern home can radiate character when you opt for rustic elements in your home’s decor, something that many have started to gravitate towards as we’ve spent more and more time in our homes.

The use of natural materials like wools and linens bring a sense of warmth, comfort and sturdy reliability to an interior scheme - something that we’ve certainly all been craving recently.

Of course, it goes without saying that this trend works best in homes with existing interesting features like panelled walls or exposed beams - but that doesn’t mean it’s off-limits if you don’t have any of those existing features in your home.

It's equally possible to create the same effects in a contemporary space by using reclaimed wood and unfinished pieces with lots of texture and grain to hold the look together.

Baumit KlimaColor, our highly breathable interior paint, offers plenty of neutral tones to pick from so you can achieve the open and comforting atmosphere that comes with rustic chic.

Taking The Maximalist Approach

For many years, homeowners have been opting for a minimalist approach to paint colours - monochrome décor and simplicity have been key. However, all of that has changed this year!

Now, colourful paint finishes are all the rage as the maximalist look takes off in a big way. Channelling free-spiritedness and creative flair, this trend involves contrasting patterns across a single design scheme, carefully harmonising the effect with the use of one or two common grounding tones that bring the patterns together.

If this is something you want to try for yourself, we recommend combining your overall wall décor with smaller-scale decorative detailing to achieve the maximalist effect perfectly.

Make A Bold Outdoor Statement

Home decor shouldn’t be limited to the interior of your home, especially as eye-catching exteriors are another great decor trend from 2021!

By using a vibrant and bright façade paint on the exterior of your home, you can create a real appeal for your property from passersby! This year is all about eye-popping colour, and dramatic shades of yellow, blue or red are particularly popular as they can make all the difference when overhauling your home’s outer shell.

Our PuraColor façade paint is an excellent choice if you’re looking to implement this trend yourself, providing you with intense colours for a rich long-lasting finish while still being easily workable and water-repellent.

Choose Primary Living Room Colours

Following on from making a bold outdoor statement, this is the year to be dramatic with your interior colours too!

When decorating your living room, try opting for two primary colours and then pair them with a more muted colour palette as this creates a fun but artistic effect without being visually overwhelming on the eyes.

For example, a vibrant statement lamp or a piece of colourfully painted wooden furniture will inject new life into your home when paired with neutral-coloured flooring and walls.

If you’re planning on giving your living space a new coat of paint to help your statement piece really stand out, our Baumit EasyPrimer offers a smooth application when prepping your walls for a fresh lick of paint and provides the paint with an easy surface to lock onto, ensuring a smooth finish.

Combining Stripes And Checks

In the theme of taking bolder risks with your interior design choices, keeping home décor fun is certainly a major trend this year and, in this vein, homeowners have been combining two popular patterns to create a perfect balance.

By mixing classic stripes with checked patterns in a range of this season’s colours, you can create a dramatic and eclectic effect in any room of your home without it being entirely jarring. Having these two patterns

We find that this design concept works particularly well with bedroom colour schemes. So we recommend choosing a bold interaction of one of these patterns for the walls and then pair it with a more delicate version of the other pattern on the cushions to tie the whole look together.

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