7 New Bucket Features For a Better Work Experience

The new Baumit bucket generation provides an improved work experience in your day-to-day business. Thanks to its wider and shorter shape, the bucket is much more stable and can be stacked up to four layers for easy transportation. An eyelet makes it easy to move the bucket with hooks.

7 New Bucket Features For a Better Work Experience

1. Improved stability
New wider shape of bucket improves stability

2. Stack up to 4 layers
Features allow more buckets to be stacked and transported

3. Better grip
A wider handle with a molded grip for a reliable fit

4. Safer lifting
An eyelet makes safer lifting with hooks easy

5. Smooth lid with handle
Smooth surface inside the lid reduces the content to stick on. The lid has a handle for easier opening.

6. Precise diluting
The inside scale makes it easy to dilute and usable for multi-purposes

7. Solid grid fit
Enhanced use of grids through the new bucket shape