UniRend's strong appeal as render solution for buildings old and new

Flexibility and strength is such a beneficial combination. It suggests the bearer of such powers has the ability to accommodate change without detriment to stability.

This is certainly true of Baumit's UniRend System: a flexible render solution for old and new buildings alike.

By adding lime to a sand and cement-based mortar, Baumit has created a system that allows movement to minimise cracking. This flexible finish has many advantages, such as strong protection for masonry, breathable wall construction and easy application.

Baumit's UniRend system offers an alternative to popular methods of rendering such as monocouche, which can be prone to cracking over time. Comprising primer and topcoat, KZP-65, the UniRend System provides a long-lasting, cost-effective solution. What's more, the system is water repellent and is resistant to the build-up of algae and mould. With its accompanying primer (Baumit UniPrimer) and topcoat (Baumit SilikonTop), Baumit UniRend minimises the need for regular, costly repairs and cleaning.

UniRend in Action

Baumit's UniRend System was specified as the high-performance render solution for a major new development in St Leonard's, Hastings.

The Archery Road scheme is the largest new property build in the town for 200 years. It comprises 121 sustainable, high-quality homes, 24 of which are converted from listed buildings. The properties, designed by Marcus Beale Architects on behalf of developers, Gemselect are based at the Archery Grounds; a former quarry that was used by the Royal St Leonard's Archers. Following its conversion to garden space, it was home to the Hastings College of Art and Technology in the 1950s.

As well as containing 24 converted apartments and 97 new homes ranging from four-bedroom houses and one-bedroom flats, the Archery Road development offers a number of striking natural features including a public garden square and a wildlife centre. For a scheme of such high-profile, the materials used to adorn the properties' facade needed to offer the highest level of long-term protection as well as achieve the desired aesthetic. This led to the specification of the Baumit UniRend System.

Aesthetic protection

Due to the very strict guidelines set by the local planning and authorities, the colour and texture of the new-build section had to be an exact match to the original building. Instead of the traditional finish of 1.5mm, which is used in the UniRend system, a multi-layer top coat was applied. It comprised a 0.2mm finish applied over a 1mm finish. This action was for two reasons: to achieve the correct aesthetics and provide sufficient protection to the building due to its levels of exposure near the St. Leonards shoreline. This took more than a year of meetings and discussions with architect, planning, local authority, main contractor and installer until their requirement was accomplished by Baumit.

With Baumit’s three-part UniRend System installed, it was finished with a render colour in a bespoke Baumit design to accommodate the client’s individual requirements. For the project’s 24 listed buildings, the renovation will be carried out using Baumit Klima, a natural white lime render with hydraulic additives – the ideal plaster for the reconstruction of older buildings. It’s estimated these properties will be completed in 2020.

With sea views and surrounding areas of natural beauty - not to mention its obvious heritage - Archery Road is an eminent addition to St Leonards’ housing portfolio. Thanks to the long-term durability of Baumit’s lime-cement render safeguarding the aesthetic of the properties, this splendorous development will imbue a sense of pride in its occupiers - and the town itself - for many years to come.