Winter Working Guide

With the colder days approaching we have called on our Technical Team for their top tips for rendering in the winter.

There can be challenges rendering when the temperature starts to plumet. Drying times can be longer when there is high humidity on cold and damp days. When the temperature hits below 5℃ it is too low to apply render, Baumit products contain some water which can be affected by freezing. We are lucky in the UK that our temperatures don’t often fall below this level but it is often the months of November, December and January that see the most disruption.

When the weather starts getting colder it is important to bear in mind that the render may not dry quickly enough. This brings with it the problem of the render retaining moisture for too long and therefore it can be at risk of damage from the trapped moisture.  It is vital to protect render from frost when it’s drying. It can be protected by having a form of protection around the scaffold in the form of debris netting. Applicators should be mindful that the scaffolders design follows this during the colder months.

The winter can also bring with it rain and occasionally snow in the UK, it is crucial to keep the walls dry before successfully applying render in cold weather.  Applicators will often check the walls are not going to freeze the render whilst it’s drying, the best way to test this is with a small amount of water, which should be brushed onto the wall prior to the application. If the water freezes on the wall, the conditions are too cold to apply the render.

Baumit’s SpeedTop can be used to make winter working easier. SpeedTop is a ready to use additive for SilikonTop and GranoporTop. It provides accelerated film forming properties, enhanced durability on the façade in high humidity and low temperatures, as well as in fog. It can be added in temperatures of <+1℃ and <15℃ and with relative humidity of <95% to assist with drying times. 

Our Technical Team can provide further information on specific scenarios or issues you may be facing during the winter. They can be reached at or 01622 710763.