Project Feature: Baumit paint puts stunning bronze finish on gold-standard facade design

Baumit metallic-finish façade paint provided a stunningly-standout finish to dramatically transform a former office building into a desirable residence. 

The three-bedroom property, to which two duplex flats are attached, is located in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. ‘Uplands’ stands as an exemplar of how a high-specification topcoat can lift a building’s aesthetic from the ordinary to the utterly outstanding.

Baumit metallic paint in bronze was applied to a box elevation and a gable projection on the detached property, which was built in place of a demolished office block. The ready-to-use paint, which is machine or hand-applied, was used to accentuate the façade’s imaginative ashlar and diamond-effect design and fulfil the client’s ‘copper cladding’ specification. The metallic paint’s luxurious tone neatly complements the yellow-glazed bricks which feature elsewhere as part of Uplands’ frontage.

Ricky Fulcher, owner of R Fulcher and Sons which built Uplands, said: “Baumit’s metallic paint helped us create a truly remarkable façade. I’ve been in the construction industry for many years and I haven’t seen anything that compares to it. We use Baumit materials all the time, so I’m well aware of the quality of their materials. Their customer service is also second to none. Creating stunning-looking buildings is a lot easier with Baumit.”

As well as its metallic paint, the project utilised Baumit render for Uplands’ balcony projections. The project has not only caught the eye of neighbours and passers-by, it was amongst the winners of Baumit’s 2019 UK Façade Challenge, a contest which ‘recognises and rewards’ outstanding facades. It means the property has been entered into Baumit’s international 2021 Life Challange which will see the winner judged the best façade in Europe. In total, 26 countries from across the continent are in the running for the title.

An estimated 80m2 of Baumit metallic paint was used to add a spectacular finish to Uplands’ already striking features. With a solution this luxuriant, a little coverage can have a large impact. Indeed, the aesthetic lift it’s provided Uplands means this dazzling, bronze-coloured  home could be headed for ‘gold’ in next year’s Life Challenge.

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