Baumit supplies the EWI for high-rise in Eastbourne

Baumit provided the external wall insulation system for the upgrade of one of Eastbourne’s most sought-after addresses, South Cliff Tower, to ensure the supreme comfort and wellbeing of its longstanding occupants.

South Cliff Tower is an 18-storey structure compromising luxury apartments which offer enviable views of the treasures along Britain’s south coast, such as the likes of Beachy Head. Originally built in 1963, South Cliff Tower hasn’t undergone any major external work since its construction, leading to concerns regarding the tower’s durability and weatherproof properties.

Over the years, water ingress has proved to be a predominant issue in specific areas of the tower, particularly as a result of the building’s exposed position on Eastbourne’s promenade. To remedy this issue, rain-screen cladding was installed on the west façade 15 years ago. Although this proved successful for a time, damp patches emerged on the other elevations compromising the overall comfort and warmth of the apartments. For this reason, the board of residents which represent the tower, decided to take a different course, selecting a system which would excel in terms of energy efficiency, aesthetic and insulation.

Work began on this £3m project in 2019 and was conducted by main contractor CBG Construction and subcontractor EnviroREND SE Ltd. The existing rain-screen cladding on the west front was removed, to be replaced with Baumit’s versatile StarSystem Mineral thermal insulation system. A classical thermal insulation system which is suitable for all types of new and existing buildings, StarSystem Mineral comprises highly-permeable, non-flammable mineral wool boards to bring warmth to any premises and lower energy bills. The boards are topped with a mineral basecoat consisting of a levelling layer, basecoat and fibreglass mesh, followed by a final weather-resistant topcoat to further maximise the building’s internal comfort and quality.

Robbie Campbell, Project Director from subcontractor EnviroREND SE Ltd., said:
“From the workability of the base coat, to the insulation’s thermal value, working with Baumit’s products has been a dream. On completion, there is no doubting the difference the products will make to the comfort of South Cliff Tower’s residents.”

Jonathan Wicks, resident of South Cliff Tower and a director of the tower’s board, said:
“We decided to begin this project two years ago. I had seen EWI in-situ on buildings in Florida, a place infamous for its hurricanes. After consulting the board, we decided to choose EWI, and thus our relationship with Baumit began. Work began on the north elevation first, and even though the building is far from finished, I am noticing the warmth already. Not only will the EWI rejuvenate the external appearance of the building, it will improve insulation, energy efficiency and reduce residents’ bills.”

As well as updating the tower’s façades, the residents decided to change the windows at the front of the building, which were the primary source of the water ingress. Commenting on the compatibility of Baumit’s system, Jonathan noted: 
“Due to the versatile nature of Baumit’s products, the EWI perfectly complements our new windows. We have also been extremely impressed with Baumit’s diligent team which has inspected the site at regular intervals. The team’s attention to detail and support is faultless, and we are pleased to say the only challenge has been the weather! Even then, Baumit has gone above and beyond to give extra care and attention, placing a primer on three of the facades to ensure the elevations were protected when the project closed for the Christmas period.”

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