Baumit MosaikTop gives standalone property a standout look

Baumit supplied the weather-resistant render solution to provide a large, private residence with a stunning new look.

The project saw a detached property in Hildenborough, Kent become the first in the UK to be furnished with Baumit MosaikTop, a high-quality, acrylic-based render containing exceptional weather and water resistance.

Designed for use at a building’s splash zone and plinth area, 50 tubs of Baumit MosaikTop were applied to the exterior upper walls of the 400m2, two-storey building. The finished application has not only upgraded the building’s aesthetic to striking new levels, the system’s water-repellent, impact-resistant properties will ensure its appearance is retained whatever the weather.

Munday Finishes, a plastering and rendering company, carried out the rendering which began in July 2019. The client required a ‘perfect finish’ to replace the house’s brickwork frontage. Baumit MosaikTop was seen as the ideal solution, particularly with the property bordering a woodland area, thus increasing the risk of damp and ingress causing algae forming on the exterior walls. For its installation, the home’s top-storey was cement boarded, before a base coat and mesh were applied. The Baumit MosaikTop’s coloured marble stone finish was then added.

Marc Munday at Munday Finishes, said:

“The Baumit MosaikTop exceeded expectation. It is the hardest-wearing product a homeowner could have on an external wall. The client was absolutely delighted with their new-look home. The Hildenborough property may have been the first to receive MosaikTop on a large scale, but judging by the reaction it’s received, it certainly won’t be the last.”

The property’s smart, modern aesthetic was completed with the installation of white-coloured Baumit SilikonTop to the home’s exterior lower walls. The topcoat render is ideal for exposed or high traffic areas susceptible to weather or harsh conditions. Highly water-repellent and permeable, it is the ideal surface to cope with the British weather.

As well as helping to create attractive, durable exteriors, Baumit’s render solutions score highly in terms of sustainability. The products’ self-cleaning properties negate the need for regular, exterior maintenance, whilst their application creates minimal on-site material waste.

The Hildenborough refurbishment was completed in September 2019. It has transformed the impressive home’s façade to enhance its desirability whilst enshrining its long-term weather resistance.