Energy Efficent Healthy Buildings Our Visions & Values

"To help create happy, healthy spaces for people to live, work and play with unlimited possibilities

At Baumit, we build with quality and innovation as part of our commitment to creating beautiful, energy-efficient and healthy buildings. Built on 100 years of tradition, our practical, responsible, service-orientated, forward-looking values are core to our success.

At Baumit, boundaries are non-existent. Our focus on product performance and continuous development allows ideas for future construction solutions to flourish. 

Our products are proven, trusted and durable; their sustainable credentials fostered by our well-founded reputation as pioneers and awareness-raisers for environmental issues.

We believe life is worth living well, an ethos that is reflected in our unique technologies, creating high-performance wall finishes that make comfortable, attractive, efficient living space inside and out - it’s why people the world over Build with Baumit.