Local Consultants With Expert Building Advice

In addition to perfect product quality, we also offer professional know-how via our expert team who would be more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have.

For sales enquiries

James Wilson

Head of Sales

07872 073267

Steve Gaggini

National Specification Manager

07392 465022

Ben Bishop

Business Development Manager (East)

07789 561703

Maddy Billingham

Business Development Manager (South West)

07539 836446

Barry Hill

Business Development Manager (South East)

07391 059334


Business Development Manager (Midlands & Wales)

07483 449421


Business Development Manager (North)

07392 431453

For product and technical enquiries

Stuart Newbury

Head of Product Management

07930 631280

Chris Kendall

Head of Training

07539 836441

Matthew Woodhams

Technical Specification Manager

07483 391468

Martyn Graves

Technical Training Engineer (North, Midlands, Scotland & Wales)

07510 401724

Ryan Thompson

Technical Specification Executive

07483 359740


Technical Training Engineer (East, South East & South West)

07849 352035