Baumit Unirend System:
A Simple Anti-Cracking Render Solution

Flexible finish

Adding lime to a sand and cement based mortar gives it far more flexibility which means it allows movement without cracks appearing. A massive advantage for old and new buildings alike.

The versatile Baumit lime cement render KZP 65 is a pure-mineral, smooth render. This render can be used on the interior and exterior as well as in wet rooms to create a solid base for final finshes. As a base coat lime render is suitable for receiving thin coat finish renders.

  • Strong Protection for masonry
  • Breathable wall construction
  • Easy to apply

Enjoy a longer lasting finish

Popular methods of rendering such as monocouche can be prone to cracking. Baumit has a cost effective solution that eliminates this. With KZP-65, primer and topcoat applied you have a long lasting solution to problems commonly associated with through coloured renders.

Base- new masonry or original base
1. RenderBaumit KZP 65  is a lightweight lime-cement render complying with EN 998-1, with lightweight mineral aggregates for thermally insulating masonry. 
2. Primer - Baumit UniPrimer is a ready-to-use, all-purpose primer to regulate absorption and improve adhesion for all Baumit render finishes.
3. Topcoat -  Baumit SilikonTop is a ready-to-use, silicone resin render with scratched or dragged grain texture. Highly durable and suitable for almost all requirements. 

Alternative topcoats -

Baumit NanoporTop is a self-cleaning and pollution-resistant, ready-to-use render. Extremely durable, dirt and weather resistant.

Baumit GranoporTop
is a ready-to-use, synthetic resin render for exterior use. Water vapour permeable and very resistant to water.