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Baumit StarSystem Resolution:
More Space for Living

Baumit ResolutionSystem is an insulation system that uses slimline expanded polystyrene (EPS) that offers the same thermal transmittance (u-level) from a 8cm thick insulation board than one that is 12cm thick. So you get the same level of insulation with nearly half the thickness.

  • Unique Open technology
  • Breathable buildings
  • Cosy healthy climate

More Space for Living

Whether you are building a new home or refurbishing an old one, Baumit ResolutionSystem is the perfect solution for your insulation needs. All components are vapour permeable, using OpenAir technology to allow the walls to breathe. This creates optimal living conditions throughout the year and reduces heating and ventilation requirements, consequently lowering your energy costs.

The Perfect Solution

The Baumit ResolutionSystem is the perfect solution when it comes to specific building limitations and architectural detailing like windows or eaves. The system has the lowest Lambda value (0.022). Lambda measures the insulating capacity of a product, so the lower the thermal conductivity of a material, the better its thermal performance. Furthermore, the insulation is thin so it is perfect solution for extra slim applications.

Innovative Material

The closed cell structure of Baumit StarTherm Resolution insulation
boards, made from hard resin foam and covered on both sides with a fleece layer, allows excellent thermal values to be achieved from minimal thickness. The raw material is Bakelite resin – one of the oldest and most well-known plastics – and it ensures a long life for the insulation. The regulations and guidelines for its  manufacture ensure a consistently high production quality.  The phenolic insulation is 100% free of CFCs and HCFCs.


  • Homogenous wall build-up
  • Breathable and highly vapour permeable
  • Prevents condensation from water vapour
  • Ensures a comfortable indoor living climate
  • Reduces building time as it dries out more quickly

With Added Baumit Nanopor Technology

Baumit NanoporTop provides the final coating. This render acts as a topcoat to the External Wall Insulation and protects the surface from dirt and impurities. Photocatalysis technology prevents pollutants from damaging the facade of your building as its surface is microscopically smooth, making it difficult for dirt particles to settle. Furthermore, the render is fast drying which prevents algae and fungi from forming, leaving your rendered facade looking clean and fresh for longer.

More about Baumit Nanopor

System components

StarSystem Resolution

Base- new masonry or original base
1. FixingBaumit STR U 2G is designed for mechanical fastening of polystyrene and mineral wool insulation boards.
2. Insulation - Baumit StarSystem Resolution is a rigid phenolic façade insulation board that achieves the same thermal u-value with an 8 cm thickness that a normal insulation board can achieve with 12 cm.
3. Reinforcement - Baumit StarTex is a warp-resistant and alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh that is used to produce a reinforced mortar layer on torn old rendered facades.
4. Adhesive - Baumit StarContact White is a vapour-permeable, fibre-reinforced adhesive and base coat render. It is made from breathable aerated lime and is extremely weather-resistant.
5. Primer - Baumit PremiumPrimer is a natural white, mineral-based, dry adhesive and basecoat render for Baumit external wall insulation systems.   
6. Final Topcoat - Baumit NanoporTop is a self-cleaning and pollution-resistant, ready-to-use render. Extremely durable, dirt and weather resistant.