Baumit Sanova SP 64 F

Hydrophobic, fine, renovating render for salt contaminated masonry

Baumit SP64 F lime render can be applied on to all types of dense masonry such as natural stone, brick, concrete block and cast concrete. It can be used as a base coat and a plain finish coat which can then receive decoration with a range of Baumit paints internally or Baumit decorative finish renders externally. Certified renovation rendering mortar acc. to WTA for manual and machine application. For machine application and hand application.

  • Highly vapour permeable.

  • Lime based render

  • Suitable as a base coat or top coat

Baumit Sanova SP 64 F

Baumit Sanova SP 64 P is suitable as a basecoat and topcoat rendering for external areas including splash zones (plinths) and internal areas.

35 kg bag
Amount of packaging on pallet:
app. 1.2kg/m²/mm
app. 1.9m²/bag \15mm coat
Size of pallets
Type of packaging