Baumit StarContact White

Mineral Adhesive & Basecoat

Natural, white, flexible, mineral-based, dry adhesive adn basecoat render for Baumit EWI systems. Also suitable as a bonding mortar onto concrete. Suitable for use as part of Baumit StarSystem, StarSystem Mineral, StarSystem Nature and Plinth System.

  • Strong adhesion

  • Vapour permeable

  • Part of Baumit EWI Systems

25 kg bag
Amount of packaging on pallet:
SD value
0.8 W /mK approx
app. 4 - 5 kg/m² as basecoat
Water demand
6.75 l/25 kg bag
Max. grain size
0-1.2 mm
Consumption 2
app. 5 - 6 kg/m² as adhesive
Size of pallets
Type of packaging
Baumit StarContact White

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