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Offering a unique learning opportunity in all aspects of External Wall Insulation, the academy provides those within the construction industry the chance to learn new skills in a series of ‘real-life’ work-based scenarios.

"Completing the EWI course has many benefits including building a connection with Baumit, receiving a gold installer card and having Baumit specifying our work. Not only is the course extremely beneficial, we are now able to offer our clients the best EWI solutions in the market."

"The design of the training academy ensures you have your own space to work. You have your own booth so you don’t feel like you’re invading other people’s space, and you have enough detail on the wall to really challenge yourself."

"The knowledge I’ve learnt will be the distinguishing aspect of my business and I’m excited to start using the product and application on my next projects."

"My career definitely looks brighter after completing this course. Not only do I enjoy using the product, it gives me more confidence when working on my projects."

"Having Baumit experts at our very fingertips was one of the best aspects of the course."

Customer Feedback

CTR Specialists

To take his company to the next level, Luke Cooper from CTR Specialists enrolled on the Baumit Training Academy Gold Course. Here he discusses why he chose to attend the course, expressing the pivotal difference the qualification has made to his business.

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Customer Feedback

AMJ Contracts

Distinguishing your business from the rest is crucial to long-term success. It is why Adie Jackson and Sarah Bioletti from AMJ Contracts decided to enroll on Baumit Training Academy’s Gold Course, to give their company that defining aspect which will enable business continuity well into the future.

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