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Baumit StarTrack: The Advantages of our EWI Anchor Fixing

  • Saves energy, time and money  
  • One size fits all
  • Accuracy in application

An anchor that bonds rather than fixes

Grey building with 3 wooden windows in the centre, a tree to the left and a blue and grey building to the right

EWI systems with EPS insulation boards must be fixed onto various surfaces using supplementary fixings along with an adhesive bond. The Baumit StarTrack range has a solution for every substrate.
Baumit StarTrack fixings are anchored in the supporting masonry and are covered with a dab of adhesive before the application of the insulation boards. This creates the required supplementary fixing point to the supporting masonry without piercing the insulation, thereby ensuring there are thermal bridges.

The Baumit StarTrack range has a solution suitable for use on every substrate.

Advantages for all

  • For the builder:The builder can always see the base to which he is going to install the anchor, there is no risk of damage, and he can also choose a suitable place so that the anchor really holds in the wall.

  • For the investor: Fixing anchors do not change regardless of the insulation thickness and length, so there is no change in price.

  • For all: The StarTrack fixing does not affect the integrity of the insulation layer. A thermally insulated house is perfectly covered by insulation without any thermal bridges, and the façade will remain new looking without any unwanted stains that came be caused by alternative fixing methods.

Simple rules – guaranteed result

An external wall under construction with a new facade
  • Verify the quality of masonry; at reconstruction, find out also the thickness of the original plaster.
  • Choose a suitable type of adhesive anchor - Baumit StarTrack.
  • Install the adhesive anchors Baumit StarTrack according to the recommended pattern.
  • We recommend using the adhesive Baumit StarContact White for making a bonded joint.
  • At the next stages of construction, follow all usual processing principles.

Adhesive anchors Baumit StarTrack

High-quality adhesive is a key

It is essential to use only the recommended high-quality adhesive mortar to achieve a safe and permanent joint between a StarTrack anchor disc and an insulant to ensure all stresses are adequately transferred from the system surface to the supporting base. Our recommendation is to use an adhesive of the highest possible quality; StarContact White. Enjoy your pleasure from the thermally insulated façade with adhesive anchors Baumit StarTrack without thermal bridges without any fear for a long time!

Recommended adhesives