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Learn more about the large variety of products, systems and solutions Baumit has to offer in the following application areas.

When it comes to decorating, knowing where to start can seem daunting. Add renovation, lime plastering, insulation, and rendering to the mix and it begins to sound like an impossible task — but not to our customers. At Baumit, we know the value of sound advice and the difference it can make to a decorating job, which is why we’ve created Baumit Guides. 

Baumit’s handy Product Solutions Guides provides our customers with clear, expertly-written advice on a comprehensive variety of projects, products, and processes. From step-by-step guides on how to clean algae off render to blogs detailing how to create healthy living spaces, Baumit’s Guides offer trustworthy directions in written, visual, and audio form. 

So whether you’re a painter, builder, architect, or homeowner looking to do some DIY, our guides are accessible to all, helping you to get the job done without hassle. 

To get started, explore the categories in the Baumit Guide below: