Coloured Facade Render - Guide to Choosing Rendering Colours

Which façade render should I choose?

Why choose a Baumit façade system?

At Baumit, we know that completing a project using products that are not only structurally sound but also visually pleasing and safe on the environment is important to you, whether you are working on your own property or someone else’s.
This is because it is important to us too, and that is why we combine these features into everything we produce, and our range of façade renders are no different.
Baumit topcoats are not only easy to use and attractive, they also provide the right solution for every situation. From built-in self-cleaning nanotechnology, to especially intense and long-lasting colours using cooling pigments – Baumit topcoats are real all-rounders and fulfil every requirement.

UK Project Baumit Metallic
Uk Project Baumit CreativTop

Premium Façades

With an extensive variety of exterior paint colours, and a diverse range of creative design choices, Baumit’s premium renders and façade paints enable every building to be customised to fit any aesthetic requirement. Whether you want to breathe new life into a building by changing your homes colour or are adding a decorative render to complement a commercial development, we have all you need to make very building radiant and special.

Baumit Nanopor -
Self-cleaning effect

Nanopor Group

We have combined our years of experience with the latest technology to develop Baumit Nanopor, a unique self-cleaning solution that keeps façades looking brand new for years to come.

Baumit Star -
Ultimate weather resistance 

Star Group

A silicone façade render and paint of a new generation. A combination of high-quality silicone binding agent and functional filler ensures not only an excellent application, but also a high-grade protection of the façade.

Baumit Pura -
Bold statement colours 

Pura Group

Achieving deep and intense colours on thermally insulated façades has always been a challenge. But the Baumit cool pigments technology within our Pura range combines energy efficiency and durability for a fade resistant thermally balanced façade.

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Renovation Render

A façade not only serves as decoration, it also forms a protective shield around the building. We have created a number of renovation systems, each designed as a perfect solution for different requirements and scenarios, such as cracked or dirty render, or whether you require a visual renovation or something more specialist.

Decorative Façades

There is more to getting the perfect decorative finish for your building than just choosing a colour. That is why, in addition to external paint and render, we also provide a number of reand texture options to complement your building design. This enables you to think creatively about your external render, with options including Lasur, Metallic and Glitter, and various other plastering textures made possible with Baumit CreativTop.