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Decorative renders from Baumit DesignLife

The style and location of a building can have an influence on façade design. Let your surroundings inspire the textures and colours you select, to stand out, blend in or complement neighbouring buildings. Think creatively and create a multitude of textures using Baumit CreativTop modelling render.

  •   Unlimited design possibilities
  •   Wide range of individual textures
  •   Unique surfaces guaranteed 

Effective creativity

Baumit CreativTop

Because this versatile and easily applied render is available in nearly every colour from the Baumit Life colour range, there are endless creative combinations.   

Whether floated, dragged, combed or stippled, coarse or smooth – these and numerous other façade textures can now become a reality with Baumit CreativTop.  So now you can not only choose the right colour but also the right texture for your walls.

Creative structures – know the ropes.

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Get inspired and be creative – view our videos demonstrating the application of Baumit CreativTop.

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Creative Techniques

View our gallery of creative techniques and render structures, along with application examples.

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Colour Finder

With Baumit it is easy to find the exact colour you want from our extensive range. To search our extensive range visit Baumit Life.

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Special Effects

Open up a whole new world of exciting and creative façade effects. Want to add an elegant metallic sheen or glittering grooved render to your building? It's possible with the right Baumit product.  Eye-catching trendy exterior house colours bring new dimensions to façade design and provide the opportunity to express individuality, uniqueness and imagination. These designer coatings are ideal compliments to all Baumit renders, plasters and colours (except Baumit NanoporTop).


Modern façade designs should attract attention whilst remaining stylish. With Baumit Metallic, when choosing colour, it is easy to be creative, because the different tones can be perfectly combined. 

Metallic is a very resistant topcoat with an extremely high proportion of metallic pigments. The high degree of weather resistance is also a welcome additional feature. It will make your façade eye-catching, whether its surface is smooth or textured.


Lasur is a ready-to-use glaze for decorative wall and façade designs. With its matt formula, this glaze is especially suitable for renovating old surfaces in the appropriate style, as well as for creating harmonious façades for new builds. Whether it is a mid-19th century house, a building from the industrial revolution or a 100 year old farm house, historic buildings require a suitable façade design. Often matt finishes are a popular choice for renovation projects. Wherever a matt finish is required, Baumit Lasur finish is recommended. 


Anyone wanting to give a façade a special touch can opt for Baumit Glitter. The topcoat glaze compliments any chosen render, creating a sparkling façade in the natural light for an elegant yet stylish finish. Baumit Glitter creates unique special effects and possibilities when it comes to exterior design; give expression to creativity, uniqueness and imagination.

Finishing Touches

Baumit MosaikTop  is a paste-like stone render that is designed for wall surfaces that are subject to high levels of mechanical stress, such as the base area of the façade. It is highly water-repellent and is water vapour-permeable.

Baumit MosaikTop comes in two colour ranges including:

MosaikTop Essential - The classic Mosaik Essential Line consists of the most popular 22 colours. They are all coloured stone renders, based on pure acrylate. The colourful coated quartz sand that makes up Baumit MosaikTop, is particularly hard, robust and abrasion resistant. This makes Baumit MosaikTop the perfect final coating for heavily used base areas.

MosaikTop Essential line

MosaikTop Natural - The new Mosaik Natural Line, consisting of 8 exclusive stone combinations, uses natural raw mineral flakes to provide a unique, natural and authentic stone look, which provides façades with a high level of quality and an exquisite appearance. At the same time, the proven Baumit MosaikTop characteristics, such as excellent water repellency, durability and great resilience, are retained.

The Baumit Natural Line offers the opportunity to bring natural accents to the façade. The colours range from a dark charcoal to a light sandstone look.   

MosaikTop Natural line