How can light clean your façade?

  • High durability render for long-lasting beauty
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Photocatalytic effect to protect against dirt
  • Facades that remain looking new for decades

When selecting a façade render, there are many things to consider other than price. One of the most important factors should be the long-term sustainability and long-lasting cleanness of the façade.

We have combined our years of experience with the latest technology to develop Baumit Nanopor, a unique self-cleaning mixture that keeps facades looking brand new for years to come.  

A façade that always looks like new

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The façade of a building does not only have to  perform the basic functions, such protection against the cold, noise and humidity, but must also fulfil aesthetic and design requirements. A building’s façade is permanently exposed to the external environmental influences, so will sooner or later become weathered, dirty and requiring renovation. But what if this could be avoided?

Years of research and product development has seen Baumit develop a unique range of renders and paints to solve this challenge. Baumit NanoporTop is a self-cleaning and pollution-resistant, ready-to-use render. It provides a layer of strength to façades and is ideal for preserving and protecting a building’s value. It uses photocatalytic technology to ensure that your building will radiate with its original brilliance for many years, giving you a high-end, cost-effective finish.  


Baumit Nanopor has a special microscopically smooth surface with a "nanoporous" structure. These nanopores are too small (1 nanometre = 1 millionth of a millimetre) for dirt particles to get into, making it difficult for them to attach themselves to the surface and reducing the contamination of the façade. The few particles of dirt that do manage to attach themselves are removed from the façade by the evaporation of air moisture and rain.

Bežná štruktúra omietky pod mikroskopom

The structured surface of common render creates the conditions of settlement of dust, which is a nutrient substance for various micro-organisms.

Štruktúra Nanopor omietky pod mikroskopom

The microscopically smooth surface protects the facade from dirt deposition and is the first prerequisite for maintaining a clean look.

In addition, the power of light working with the photocatalyst within Baumit Nanopor which helps to breaks down the few dirt particles attached to the surface, provides an additional self-cleaning effect – for a façade that remains attractive, gleaming and clean for a long time.

How does it work?

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Activation of photocatalysis

Photocatalysis is a process of chemical decomposition of organic substance during the presence of daylight. In order for this reaction to take place, there must be titanic oxide (TiO2) present within the catalyst of the substance structure. This is then activated by ultraviolet sunlight radiation. The new photocatalyst within Baumit Nanopor products does just this.

Distribution of impurities

If we apply the procedure of photocatalysis to render or paint it enhances the self-cleaning properties reduce the build-up of bacteria, algae, mould and other microbiological organisms on the buildings surface, as with the help of light it will decompose impurities that have settled on the surface.

Cleaning of facade

Impurities and algae remain on the surface of the façade in an inactive form, from where rain, moisture, sun, wind, and air flow are removed. The forces of nature thus constantly help to keep the facade clean. Traditional surface treatment is based on a chemical base, and these substances are gradually washed out of the surface, thus losing efficiency. The new unique method of protection against organic pollution on the basis of photocatalysis is sustainable from the point of view of environmental protection and at the same time it is a guarantee of a long-lasting clean facade with minimal maintenance and renewal requirements throughout its life.