Facade Render Colours - Guide to Choosing the Right Facade

How do you choose the perfect facade colour?

Start by selecting the main colour of your façade, and then look for supplementary colours. You can find inspiration everywhere. The colour we choose can be influenced by our surroundings, but also selected to complement the buildings roof, colours, windows and guttering. 

Top Tips: 

  • Look for colours that are naturally occurring in the location of your building.
  • Avoid too glittering and lively shades. If they are not suited to the style and function of the building, their appearance on the façade would become confusing.
  • Bear in mind colours on a large exterior surface usually look lighter than on a small surface. This is caused by many factors, such as light, size or surface.
  • Use a maximum combination of three colours with differing levels of lightness to compliment one and other. 

You can choose supplementary colours from the same range of Baumit Life colours. Shades from the same range will always look very stylish and harmonious together. If you are more adverturous and want to liven the façade up, use dark and deep shades on smaller areas and details.

Baumit Life

With Baumit it is easy to find the exact colour you want from our extensive range. We offer an incredible 888 creative facade colours.

Colour shades

Baumit colours are divided to 8 basic groups, from white shades, through yellow, brown, red and a special group of neutral shades. The neutral shades make a perfect basis of the main façade colour. They provide the façade with a light and natural appearance.


If you can describe the colour that you visualise your house to be, for instance ivory, chocolate, vanilla, sand, then you can browse our colour range based on inspiration. Behind every favourite colour tone, you will find 4 variants of shades along with recommended colour combinations.


Why not decide based on advice from an architect? Visit the Trends section of Baumit Life and choose your colour shade according to the type of architecture proposed as receommended by the architect Ms. Silvia Cejpekova. When combining colours, you can be creative with confidence knowing the recommendation has come from a professional. All colours, materials, and accessories within a single palette have been proposed to maintain a mutual harmony.


Or do you like to philosophise? The colour, art and design expert, prof. Axel Venn from Berlin, has identified 8 psychological topics focussed on colours. Fresh and fashionable colours are most attractive for cities. Façades are the best story-tellers, they give a character to neighbours and streets. Let this insight assist  you in choosing your colour pallet.

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Browse our full range of façade renders and find out which product is availble in which Baumit Life colour.

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Choosing a colour can often present a dilemma. View our full range of BaumitLife colours to get inpsired.

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Better visualise your colour choices by ordering a product sample. Choose from our full colour and product range, including finish textures.

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The façade is not only about the colour but also about the finished texture. Choose from the smoothest finish or be creative with design textures.