Baumit MosaikTop -  Guide to Decorative Quartz Rendering

Impact resistant and waterproof for supreme protection and style

Baumit MosaikTop is a thin-layer quartz render solution that is perfect for use in the plinth area due to its hardwearing, waterproof properties. MosaikTop is also versatile enough to be applied over a wider area to provide strength and resilience for the entire facade and not just the plinth.

  • Coated and coloured quartz sand
  • Eye-catching unique quartz stone effect
  • Impact resistant and waterproof
  • Durable and resilient 

Baumit MosaikTop is formulated for strength and durability as well as style. The render gives a façade a distinctive finish to create a quartz stone look for a unique and individual design statement. The range consists of two colour selections: 

MosaikTop Essential 

Based on pure acrylate, the classic line consists of 22 of the most popular and timeless colours.

MosaikTop Natural 

New for 2020, Mosaik Natural consists of 8 exclusive stone combinations. Using a specially formulated combination of quartz sand and mineral flakes, the render creates a façade with an authentic and natural quartz stone look. 

Case Study: Baumit MosaikTop gives standalone property a standout look

Baumit supplied the weather-resistant render solution to provide a large, private residence with a stunning new look.