Baumit StarTop - Premium Silicone Facade Render & Colour

Why Baumit StarTop? A Facade Render for Renovations & New Builds

Whether it's renovating an existing building or designing a new one entirely, investing in the right facade render not only ensures a quality finish that looks great but also is an investment that will ensure your building is well protected for years to come.

While not always visible in the day to day, moisture and dirt can quickly wear away at the front of your building, meaning choosing the right render facade is important if you don’t want to be spending the extra time and money in keeping your building looking its best all year round.

Not all facade renders are created equal though. For the ultimate in colour choice as well as exceptional moisture resistance, it can only be our unique Baumit StarTop premium silicone render.

How Baumit StarTop Façade Renders Work

Our unique StarTop façade renders are made from a premium silicone binder and come in several colour choices to suit all property styles and designs.  Using a combination of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic principles, our render is a product that dries quickly when exposed to wet weather and works hard to repel water when it hits the surface. The combination of these principles is a product that will keep your building both clean and dry day in and day out.

Rendered facades that utilise Baumit StarTop also benefit from:

  • High water resistance
  • Quick drying wall surfaces
  • Dirt-resistant surface
  • Excellent application

Extended silicone functions for a brighter facade

The unique functional surface of Baumit Star works against moisture and protects the façade from the growth of algae and moss. This protection is further enhanced by the higher content of special additives in the form of microcapsules with gradual, long-term release of the active substance without negative environmental impacts.

Façade protection applied easily

The simple application of Baumit StarTop plaster guarantees a great result in each of the six structures offered. Scratched 1,5K, 2K, 3K, scratched 2R, 3R and fine StarTop Fine render. If you require just a façade paint, StarColor is a high functioning choice, which has the option to be airless spray applied which means a simpler, quicker application. 

The brightest white

If you are looking for a dazzling white façade, opt for StarTop render or StarColor paint in Life colour 0019. The special composition and pigments will make the shade even brighter. This goes for all colours of Baumit Star - you are guaranteed a great looking finish that lasts.

For more information, visit our Baumit StarTop product page, or contact us today!

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