White Coloured Render Never Goes Out of Style

White Coloured Render Never Goes Out of Style

Colour trends may come and go, but when it comes to external render colours, the classic white always remains a fan favourite. 

A clear winner among even the most popular render colours, white coloured render appears timeless in its appeal. Famed for its striking, resilient, and adaptable qualities, white is often the external render colour of choice for good reason. 

White at first sight: coloured render

As a render colour, white looks clean, clear, cool, and strong. 

In fact, the effect of white as facade render can be as stunning as that of bold colour. That being said, choosing the right white tone to cover your breathable external render is often anything but an easy decision.

When broken down into its constituents, white is rarely just ‘white.’ Pure white? Off white? Cold white? Warm white? Even small variations in white coloured render can make a huge difference to the appearance of a building. For a warm white you need undertones of red, orange, and yellow, resulting in a soft glow, and a welcoming vibe. Cooler whites, on the other hand, have hints of green, blue, and violet, contributing to a clean and fresh look.

Did you know? As well as creating a clean, timeless appearance, white render colour also has a functional side. White rendered facades reflect a large amount of solar radiation, which helps to reduce the temperature of buildings and, in turn, overheated cities during the hot summer months!

Discover Baumit’s shades of white coloured render

Here at Baumit, we understand that white is so much more than a two-dimensional colour. So, we’re giving it the attention it deserves with 12 unique shades of facade render.

As we do with paint colours in our BaumitLife range, we have diversified our white facade render into an impressive collection of hues. Now, it is simple for you to find your perfect tone by selecting and comparing different shades of white coloured render from our subtle collection.

Twelve Shades of White 

To limit the almost boundless possibilities of choosing a white coloured render, Baumit has taken the 12 most attractive tones of white to create the ‘Baumit 12 Shades of White’ palette. Simply select the tone that best pleases you, including Star, Opal, and Ice to give your project a timeless appearance.

Facade Render from Baumit

As with every product from Baumit’s range, you can expect the best quality and the best results. Just like our array of standard popular render colours, our shades of white are breathable, easy to apply, and, of course, durable. 

For more information about choosing and using facade render from Baumit, head over to our blog. Or, in the meantime, get in touch with our friendly team of experts with any questions you might have about coloured render. 

Photo of 3 different buckets of Baumit render range

Available Products

Baumit StarTop

Highly Weatherproof Topcoat Render

Baumit SilikonTop

Silicone-resin based topcoat render

Baumit CreativTop

Silicone-resin based finish render for external use in creative facade design

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