Discover Baumit StarSystem Mineral: The All Rounder

Baumit StarSystem Mineral:
The All-Rounder

Discover Baumit’s mineral wool insulation

A home should provide its residents with comfort, calm, and a good quality of life. As thermal insulation experts, when we consider a comfortable home, we think of indoor climate. 

The core components of a happy, healthy home are a pleasant indoor climate, favourable inside temperature, and optimal air humidity.  With Baumit StarSystem Mineral, a thermal insulation system suitable for all types of buildings, these factors have never been easier for homeowners to achieve.

StarSystem: The classic solution

Reference imageBaumit StarSystem Mineral can be applied to all substrates. In fact,  it is suitable for old and new buildings as well as for single and multiple family homes, as well as commercial construction.

Mineral wool insulation for external walls

HausMarieThe external insulation board, Mineral Wool EWI Slab, contains no combustible components as it is made of mineral wool fibres, which are bonded to a board with resins. 

As thermal insulation, the system stands out due to its excellent sound and fireproofing properties, as well as being highly vapour permeable and thus greatly improving the indoor climate. 

For more information on the importance of optimised indoor climates, browse the findings from our Viva Research Park or find our full range of Healthy Living products here.

A thermal insulation system you can’t beat

BBA certificate inspection testing certficate logoBaumit StarSystem Mineral is a proven mineral wool insulation system suitable for all building classes. Using mineral wool in thermal insulation boards allows for a layer to be covered with a mineral basecoat made from a levelling layer, basecoat, and fibreglass mesh. 

A weather-resistant topcoat is applied over this. Baumit StarSystem Mineral is a British Board of Agrément (BBA) approved system.

Enjoy efficient thermal insulation

foggy forestThermal insulation board, along with its associated energy savings, is making a significant contribution to climate protection. When used correctly, far more CO2 and other greenhouse gases are saved than have been generated by the production of insulation materials. 


Below are just a few of the benefits of our external insulation boards:

  • BBA Approved system
  • Non-combustible
  • Excellent physical strength
  • Soundproofing properties
  • Excellent vapour permeability

System Components

Mineral System

Base: new masonry or original base

1. Final Topcoat - Baumit StarTop is a highly weatherproof topcoat render, complete with silicon binder and a functional filler, providing the building with a quick-drying finished façade surface in damp weather conditions. 
Baumit SilikonTop is a ready-to-use, silicone resin render. Highly durable and suitable for almost all requirements

2. Primer - Baumit PremiumPrimer is a ready-to-use primer for synthetic and mineral decorative finishes. It has high covering power and regulates absorption. 

3. Basecoat - Baumit StarContact White is a vapour-permeable, fibre-reinforced adhesive and base coat render. It is made from breathable aerated lime and is extremely weather-resistant.

4. Reinforcement - Baumit StarTex is a warp-resistant and alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh that is used to produce a reinforced mortar layer on torn old rendered facades.inforced mortar layer on torn old rendered facades.

5. Fixing - Baumit STR U 2G is designed for mechanical fastening of polystyrene and mineral wool insulation boards.

6. Insulation - Baumit StarTherm Mineral is a non-flammable, dual-density, mineral wool facade insulation board.

7. Adhesive - Baumit StarContact White is a vapour-permeable, fibre-reinforced adhesive and base coat render. It is made from breathable aerated lime and is extremely weather-resistant.