Internal Plasters

Find Out More About Internal Lime Plasters 

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Here at Baumit, we believe that internal plaster should do more than simply coat your walls. That’s why we developed our Baumit Kilma range to bring internal plastering to its fullest potential. 

Our Healthy Living range of Klima products helps regulate interior climate by controlling air temperature and humidity. What’s more, our Klima range contains lime plaster which functions as a natural disinfectant for the air inside your home.  Discover how our Klima plaster products work by exploring our findings from the Viva Research Park. Or, read about the benefits of lime plasters below.

Our full range of internal plasters covers both concrete and brick surfaces, while some, like the Baumit MultiFine RK 70N are suitable for both internal and external plastering. 

If you have any questions about our internal plaster or simply want more information, contact our team of experts