Lime Plasters - Interior Paint & Lime-Cement Plasters Guide

Lime: traditional, healthy and ecological

Lime-cement plasters are always a good choice. You can’t go wrong - whatever the environment or foundation. Lime-cement plasters are suited to any environment. You just need to make sure you get the composition of the plaster system correct.

  • For manual or machine application
  • Resistant to the effects of moisture
  • Universal solution proven over time

Suited to every environment

Vnútorné vápennocementové omietky

Lime-cement plasters are known for their high strength and are suited to every environment. This includes all living spaces from kitchens to bathrooms, rooms with increased moisture, pubs and garages. They are also suitable under ceramic tiling.

Machine applied lime-cement plasters

Lime-cement interior plasters are the first choice for every interior, with a guarantee of simple and fast machine application as a bonus. Another plus is their resistance to moisture. The plaster surface is finely smoothed and is easy to paint over with an interior paint. Roughly rendered plaster can be covered up with ceramic tiles.
On new masonry and for plaster thicknesses up to 25mm or max. 30 mm, Baumit MPI 25 or MPI 25 L is suitable. Baumit MPI 25 L is a light plaster ideal for plastering masonry and with excellent thermal insulation properties. For porous concrete, it is also possible to use Baumit Lime thin-layer plaster. For the reconstruction of old buildings and for greater thicknesses, the ideal plaster is Baumit Core machine-applied plaster. A hard-finish plaster will still have to be applied onto this plaster.

Manually applied lime-cement plasters

Manually applied plasters still have a loyal following among fans of precise craftsmanship. Ideal for reconstruction and smaller spaces. Quality plasters with a nice traditional surface structure contribute to a pleasing feeling in every interior of the home.
Baumit MVR Uni is a single-layer plaster with a nice fine-grain structure - grain size 1 mm. Baumit Core plaster is suited mainly for the reconstruction of older buildings. It is still necessary to apply a hard-finish plaster onto this plaster. Baumit Lime-cement plaster is suitable mainly for precisely moulded, porous concrete blocks.