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How to choose an internal plaster

Selection of proper plaster can positively raise the value of masonry, save decoration costs, minimise labour demands and prevent the occurrence of defects over time. In order to select the right type of plaster system it is important to consider how the plaster is going to be expected to perform once on the wall. 


  • What is the substrate I am going to plaster? Brick, porous concrete, old masonry etc.
  • What final look of the plaster I want to achieve? Do I want a completely smooth glazed surface, levelled, grainy, textured?
  • What environment I have? Common residential areas, rooms with increased humidity, stressed areas etc.
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Plaster on Brickwork

In order to ensure correct function, the brickwork has to work in harmony with the chosen plaster. Depending on flatness and type, the brickwork can be plastered with a single-layer or multi-layer plaster system. The selection of plaster depends also on the desired surface finish, room environment, character of the substrate, and requirements for functionality of the plaster.

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Plaster on Concrete

Concrete is one of the most used building materials. It is used mainly for construction of supporting structures, lintels, bond beams, pillars, ceiling plates, foundations and concrete blocks . There is a wide range of plaster systems for use on concrete, either for manual or machine application, consisting of multiple layers, thin plasters or screeds.