Baumit StarSystem EPS:  External Wall Insulation

Baumit StarSystem EPS:
The Classic Solution

Baumit StarSystem EPS is an external wall insulation system that provides great flexibility as well as strong impact resistance. By combining all Baumit’s experience as a pioneer in external wall insulation systems, the StarSystem is an exceptional choice for a range of substrates.

  • BBA approved system
  • Flexibility and protection
  • Available in a broad range of solutions

What is Baumit StarSystem EPS? 

The Baumit StarSystem is an external wall insulation system that uses expanded polystyrene to create a superior insulation build. This adaptable and durable system is the complete package, providing safe insulation for new homes and renovated spaces.

EPS is created using small beads of foam. Heat is then applied to these beads, which causes them to expand and bond together. The cell structure is tight, to reduce the loss of heat, but with occasional gaps in the build which allow for the release of water vapour. The end result is a breathable board that doesn’t sacrifice thermal insulation.

The StarSystem by Baumit is made up of several key components, including the all-important EPS insulation boards, that have been tested extensively for improved capabilities. Using an adhesive base coat, insulation boards, resistant reinforcements, and a durable primer and topcoat combination, the StarSystem fulfils all your insulation needs. 

EPS Insulation

Made from expanded polystyrene (EPS), StarSystem can be used on newly-constructed buildings or as part of renovation works to reduce heating costs and improve the structure it is placed on. 

Applied directly to the existing masonry, and finished with a thermal thin coat coloured render topcoat, an external wall insulation system provides a strong, protective envelope that will last for generations to come. Polystyrene external wall insulation is a flexible and durable option for superior thermal insulation and humidity release.

An investment in the future

The combination of a comfortable indoor climate and energy efficiency leads to an improved quality of life for the building's occupants. Baumit StarSystem EPS helps to increase the value of a building by offering insulation together with an attractive facade.

Every step of the Baumit StarSystem EPS works towards creating long-lasting insulation. The Baumit StarContact White adhesive and base coat is vapour-permeable, aiding the breathability of the system. 

The warp-resistant and alkali-resistant mesh of the Baumit StarTex reinforces the build, particularly on torn rendered façades. Made with textile glass fibre, the fabric is embedded in an adhesive to provide a level surface with superior strength. 

Building on this is the Baumit StarTop, a waterproof topcoat render that dries quickly and increases protection against mould and algae.

The system finishes with the Baumit SilikonTop, a silicone resin render that’s highly durable and available in a large range of colours. Finishing with this, the Baumit StarSystem EPS can be used to create external wall insulation to be proud of. 

A durable basecoat

Baumit star contact white dry adhesive basecoat renderBaumit StarContact White adhesive and reinforcing mortar ensures that the façade remains adhered to the brick/blockwork no matter what the temperature fluctuations, wind speeds or other environmental challenges may be. It is elastic and flexible and so, over time, it moves and flexes as required and offers impressive resistance to objects that impact the surface.

The Baumit StarContact White is an essential part of the Baumit StarSystem, acting as both a first layer adhesive and a mortar-reinforcing basecoat. Vapour-permeable, this layer prevents the build-up of water condensation, balancing humidity and helping occupants breathe easy.

An Unbeatable System

Baumit StarSystem is easy-to-apply, offers excellent flexibility and impact resistance, and is extremely weatherproof. Its mineral-based ingredients provide exceptional fire resistance and security. Furthermore, Baumit StarSystem is a European Technical Assessment (ETA), and British Board of Agrément (BBA) approved system.

With ETA and BBA certification, the Baumit StarSystem is an external wall insulation system that you can rely on. 

Benefits of Baumit StarSystem EPS

  • A BBA-approved system, denoting a mark of excellence based on rigorous testing to meet national and European standards.
  • Excellent flexibility and impact resistance. The flexible basecoat moves as required, fluctuating with changes rather than receiving damage.
  • Weatherproof, and resistant to changes in both temperature and wind.
  • Easy to apply external wall insulation.
  • A breathable insulation board helps release water vapour into the outside environment, lowering the humidity levels.
  • The EPS system is adaptable to both new constructions and renovated works.
  • Can reduce heating costs in old buildings by adhering directly to existing masonry, and improving the thermal insulation efficiency of the building.
  • Security for generations thanks to the combination of robust strength and attractive finish.
  • Mineral-based ingredients offer fire resistance, for added security provided by your external wall insulation system.
  • Baumit Silikontop top layer provides a water-repellent and dirt-resistant top coat, available in a range of colours to suit any façade.

Superior quality

A gold lid tub of Baumit premium primerBaumit PremiumPrimer can be used with all organic and mineral decorative finishes, for pretreatment of hard or absorbent mineral substrates, as well as for the preparation of coloured substrates.

The grey EPS façade insulation board, Baumit StarTherm, consists of expanded polystyrene. It is highly vapour-permeable and has excellent insulating properties. This is the heart of the Baumit StarSystem. Combined with the exceptional quality of the Baumit StarContact, the Baumit StarTex, and the Baumit StarTop, this is a polystyrene external wall insulation system with the flexibility and protection to last.

System components

StarSystem EPS

Base- new masonry or original base
1. Final Topcoat - Baumit StarTop is an 
easy to apply topcoat render. Baumit SilikonTop is a ready-to-use, silicone resin render. 
2. Primer - Baumit PremiumPrimer is a ready-to-use primer for synthetic and mineral decorative finishes. It has high covering power and regulates absorption.
3. Basecoat - Baumit StarContact White is a vapour-permeable, adhesive and base coat reinforcing mortar.
4. Reinforcement - Baumit StarTex
is a warp-resistant and alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh that is used to produce a reinforced mortar layer on torn old rendered facades.
5. Fixing - Baumit STR U 2G is designed for mechanical fastening of polystyrene and mineral wool insulation boards.
6. Insulation - Baumit StarTherm consists of expanded polystyrene. It is highly water permeable and has excellent insulating properties.
7. Adhesive - Baumit StarContact White is a vapour-permeable, adhesive and base coat reinforcing mortar.

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