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Freshen Up Your Facade With A Visual Restoration

Has time taken it’s toll on your façade?

The visual renovation systems from Baumit are the perfect solution for all façades that have lost their original finish. Whether you are faced with dirt build up, bleaching, algae or cracks in the render, a visual renovation system from Baumit provides a quick but effective solution.

Whether you require a fresh coat of paint or a full renovation, we have a system designed to meet your requirements. Our façade renovation products can give your building a fresh, new look that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also protective.

Renovation systems

General Aging

For surfaces with no visible cracks that just need refreshing. Prepare the surface with the respective Baumit Primer and finish with two coats of any Baumit high quality facade paint.

Small Cracks

Small cracks in a façade allow water to penetrate, which can then freeze in the winter, resulting in far greater damage. For cracks smaller than 0.5mm, all you need to do is fill in the cracks by painting over them with Baumit FillPrimer and then finish with two layers of one of Baumit’s high-quality façade paints.

Large Cracks

If the façade has larger cracks that are clearly visible to the naked eye, it is at risk of water penetrating the surface causing long-term damage to the structure.  A solution is to use Baumit’s MultiContact MC55 as a basecoat. It's water-repellent and flexible properties make it the ideal reinforcing mortar for Baumit StarTex textile-glass mesh. You can subsequently add the finishing touch to your façade with one of Baumit’s high-quality Tops and paints.

The most extensive range of external paint colours

With Baumit's high-quality external paints, you are guaranteed a spectacular finish whichever colour you choose - and there are plenty to choose from!

All Baumit paints are ready-to-use, weather-resistant and easy to apply.