Give your façade a
visual renovation

Has time taken it’s toll on your façade?

Everything you need to give your building a visual renovation

Over time it is inevitable buildings will loose their initial ‘shine’ and become weathered or dated. Whether this be through dirt contamination, fading or peeling paint, water damage or just general wear and tear.

 Whether you require a refreshing coat of paint or a full renovation, we have created systems designed to meet many requirements. Our façade renovation products can give your building a fresh, new look that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also protective.

Three ways to renovate your façade 

General Aging

Facades must resist to different weather influences, contamination and also attack of algae. It is not enough to wash such facade but it must be treated specially.

Small Cracks

It is necessary to inspect and measure cracks on a facade. By small capillary cracks the help is simple. A special penetration coating with fibres and a new facade colour are enough.

Large Cracks

In the case of cracks with a width of more than 0.5 mm, it is imperative to act immediately because the penetration of moisture can lead to a large damage to the facade.

The most extensive range of external paint colours

With Baumit's high-quality external paints, you are guaranteed a spectacular finish whichever colour you choose - and there are plenty to choose from!

All Baumit paints are ready-to-use, weather-resistant and easy to apply. For your renovation project, you can choose between Baumit NanoporColor, with its unique self-cleaning effect, Baumit StarColor with its extremely water-repellent surface finish or the intense colour tones of Baumit PuraColor.