Step By Step Baumit StarTrack - Thermal Insulation Anchoring

Baumit StarTrack
External Wall Insulation Anchoring - Step By Step Guide

Why to use adhesive anchors?

  • Replaces mechanical anchoring by expansion anchors

  • Ensures additional fixation of the original plaster

  • Creates additional adhesive points key bound with the bearing masonry

  • Saves energy, costs and time

  • No thermal bridges

  • No stains in the place of expansion anchor discs

  • Drilling to a wall not to an insulant – drilling without any surprises

  • Reduction of construction time of the thermal insulation system

  • One type of anchors for different thickness of the insulant

  • For new constructions as well as for reconstructions

  • Especially suitable for bigger thicknesses of the insulant – low-energy and passive houses

  • For anchoring of polystyrene insulating boards

Step by step procedure

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1. The base must be supporting, clean, dry, free from salt blooms and free parts. Before installation of the adhesive anchor Baumit StarTrack, install a plinth profile. At installation, maintain the horizontal installation plane. The plinth profile is fastened using screws and fasteners numbering 3 pcs/m.

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2. Mark the installation raster by a marking aid. Install the adhesive anchors Baumit StarTrack max. 40 x 40 cm on the area, max. 10 cm horizontally from the plinth profile and vertically from edges of buildings, window and door openings.

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3. The diameter of the drill must correspond to the diameter of adhesive anchor StarTrack shank of Ø 8 mm. Drill to perforated and porous materials without the hammer action; to brick and concrete, drill with the hammer action.

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4. Insert the adhesive anchors to the drilled hole, then hammer down a plastic pin or screw a steel pin of the anchor. The installed adhesive anchors can be exposed to UV radiation for max. 6 weeks.

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5. Just before binding the insulating boards on the installed adhesive anchors, apply the so called adhesive pie with the thickness of app. 20 mm.

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6. Bind the insulating boards by the method of so called “boundary pass and three points” – always fresh to fresh. Then, make the reinforcing layer as at common thermal insulation.