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Improve Indoor Climates & Prevent Energy Loss

Airtight constructions have advantages and disadvantages. In order to prevent costly energy losses, enormous progress has been made in the thermal insulation and airtightness of external walls and windows over the last 10 years. However, increasingly airtight constructions are keeping not only heat, but also harmful pollutants inside. 

Klima lime plaster products inspired by nature

The Klima products are dedicated to improving the indoor climate. Klima plaster is a mineral plaster with the content of natural lime. It is breathable and acts as natural moisture regulator. This effect is multiplied by its microporous structure. It can absorb more moisture in a shorter time in comparison with common interior plasters. In case of moisture decrease, it gives it slowly and evenly back into the indoor air.

Research proves that Klima plaster helps to keep ideal interior humidity between ideal 40 - 60%. In addition, the lime content of the plaster significantly reduces the risk of microorganisms attacking it. A high pH value of 12-13 ensures its antifungal and antibacterial properties. In addition, the antistatic surface of the plaster does not allow the deposition of fine particles of dust, which guarantees a healthy, clean and pleasant environment in the interior.

Lime has a preventive effect

The replacement of internal air with external air (the air exchange rate) is now often ten times lower than in old buildings. Modern airtight building envelopes now place much higher demands on building materials than before. Exhaustive airing or controlled domestic ventilation should keep the concentration of harmful substances low. However, the safest option is not to let harmful substances into the building in the first place.

Mould and fungi are probably among the most feared risks to health at home. Lime is alkaline. This naturally prevents mould from forming. When building or renovating your home, you have the power to choose how healthily you will live later on. Create a refuge that gives you strength and vitality. Baumit has been using its products for many years to create healthy living and environmentally-friendly system solutions, for example using Baumit Klima products. Ensuring that you breathe healthier air in the future.

Traditional lime:

Lime is a traditional construction material with a long history of use. The importance of lime production increased as brick structures became widely used.

Lime was burned in ovens for 8 to 72 hours and ovens for bricks were usually located near the source of limestone.

Today, lime is used in plasters and mortar mixtures and, of course, its quality significantly exceeds the quality and characteristics of its forerunners.

For modern lime plasters, several positive attributes arise from their lime basis:

  • Lime only partially closes the pores in walls, thanks to which the walls can breathe
  • .
  • Using lime decreases the risk of moulds.
  • Lime and cement plasters are excellent for balancing heat, improving the acoustic well-being and resisting humidity.

Benefits of KlimaProducts:

Mineral plasters do not contain harmful substances and are able to control air humidity. The unique products from the Baumit Klima system do this very reliably. This results in a pleasant and optimal interior climate for every season.
Reasons to choose Baumit Klima:

  • Balances humidity
  • Creates an ideal indoor climate
  • Provides protection against mould
  • Reduces VOC and balances CO2
  • All benefits tested and proven in the Viva Research Park