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Baumit Healthy Living:
Interior Paints

  • Excellent paint coverage
  • Emission and solvent-free
  • Highly breathable and moisture regulating

There is no denying that interior paints can transform a home or commercial space. Just a small amount of colour can completely change a building and the way you and other visitors feel about the space. Despite this, it is important to consider the contribution that paints can have on indoor

Poor quality materials can trap moisture and can even release toxins into the air which can be hazardous to those who frequently, work or live in the space. Providing materials that aid in quality of life by providing comfort and breathable air has lead us to creating our Baumit Klima products which are primarily made from natural materials.

Feel Good Interiors

All of our interior paints are high quality, are organically bound with high coverage and extremely low VOC values, with low emissions. In addition, they are also solvent free and plasticiser free meaning that it does not negatively impact interior air toxicity.

By using top quality materials, our interior paints are breathable and dry without odours, which means rooms can be used immediately after drying. This makes them perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, kindergartens, schools, treatment rooms, hospitals and more.

Eliminating Allergenic Substances

From in depth medical experience and research it has been possible to catalogue allergic stimulants to identify common substances and compounds that cause reactions. In paint this is principally organic solvents. Because of this, we have strived to eradicate chemicals that cause negative reactions in order to ensure that anyone who uses our products can truly enjoy the environment they live or work in.

Unlimited Interior Paint Colours

Find the perfect colour to suit your interior design style from our library  of 888 Baumit Life colours. Or if you already have a colour theme in mind get inspiration from our range and find paint colours that work harmoniously together.