Solutions for the protection of heritage buildings

Baumit specialist renovation solutions are ideal for renovating heritage buildings without affecting of the original design work or historical value. We understand that preserving historical heritage structures is crucial for the past to be protected for the future. Which is why we believe in the delicate process of the preserving of culture.

Surface measures along can only temporarily cover up damage to the fabric of the building. Only by eliminating the cause of the damage is it possible to achieve long-term restoration.

  • Harmonising of products
  • Provides renovation and heat insulation in one
  • Simple to use and very easy to apply manually
  • Superior performance and durability compared to conventional rendering techniques
  • Water repellent, mineral-based thin layer renders
  • Ideal for internal and external application

Preservation of traditional buildings

Due to the complications that damp, salt contaminated masonry presents, historical buildings face special challenges when it comes to renovation and maintenance. This is due to the active components of salt and dampness which ultimately destroys masonry and coatings.

Historic and listed buildings are unique and deserve the highest quality when it comes to using renovation plasters and renders. With the Baumit products you are on the safe side.

Historické omietky

Baumit Sanova Renovation Plaster

Baumit Sanova products ensure that water can evaporate from damp walls. Harmful salts from the substrate are also extracted and deposited in the pores of the Baumit Sanova renders which have been developed specifically for this purpose. This removes the issues that standard render faces with most historic building walls, as well as the causes of these issues.

We recommend Baumit NanoporColor facade paint as a facade surface finish for NHL renders.

Baumit NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime serves for producing your own mortar and renders.