Baumit StarTrack Red

Supplementary mechanical fitting. Alternative to traditional fixings

Baumit StarTrack Red allows a good adhesion without additional fixing for Baumit OpenSystem and other Baumit EWI systems. Additional mechanical fixing as an alternative to standard dowelling. For use with perforated and solid masonry and concrete. Existing old plaster up to a maximum total thickness of 40 mm can be bridged.

  • No thermal bridges

  • One anchor for all insulation thicknesses

  • Simple and fast application

Guide consumption: 6 StarTrack units per square meter. Actual consumption is dependent on the specific insulated wall. Uneven areas in the subsurface, with gaps and holes, increase the number of anchors used. The maximum distance between anchors in pattern 4 applies. Data: Anchoring depth in load-bearing substrate: ≥ 40 mm Shaft length: 88 mm Borehole depth: at least 95 mm Rate of product consumption: approx. 6 StarTrack Red fittings per m2

Baumit StarTrack Red