Project Entry Form: UK Façade of the Year

Facades give a building its unique character when finished with different materials, textures, form and colour. Submit your favourite Baumit projects from the last 18 months for a chance to win Façade of the Year.

Basic project data

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Creative Texture using Baumit CreativTop

Applicant data

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Project Information

Please select the Baumit Insulation System used where applicable.

Baumit 6mm PVC Profile Clipcheck
Baumit Adjustment Packing Shimscheck
Baumit Aluminium Base Profilecheck
Baumit AntiSulfatcheck
Baumit Backing/Cement Board Fixingcheck
Baumit Base Profile Thermcheck
Baumit Base Profile Therm Extensioncheck
Baumit BituFix 2Kcheck
Baumit Corner Beadcheck
Baumit CreativTopcheck
Baumit Diagonal Arrow Meshcheck
Baumit DP 85check
Baumit Drip Beadcheck
Baumit Drip Edge Profilecheck
Baumit DS 26 Flexcheck
Baumit EasyPrimercheck
Baumit Expansion Joint E-Profilecheck
Baumit Expansion Joint V-Profilecheck
Baumit Filling Foamcheck
Baumit FillPrimercheck
Baumit FineTopcheck
Baumit Finishcheck
Baumit FinoBellocheck
Baumit Flashing Beadcheck
Baumit FlexTopcheck
Baumit FungoFluidcheck
Baumit Glittercheck
Baumit GranoporColorcheck
Baumit GranoporTopcheck
Baumit H1 ECOcheck
Baumit H3 Hammer Fixingcheck
Baumit Joint Seal Bandcheck
Baumit Klima KP 36 Wcheck
Baumit Klima RK 38check
Baumit Klima RK 39check
Baumit KlimaColorcheck
Baumit KlimaDekorcheck
Baumit KlimaFinishcheck
Baumit KlimaGlättecheck
Baumit KRP Juracheck
Baumit KZP 65check
Baumit Lasurcheck
Baumit LS 62check
Baumit Metalliccheck
Baumit Montage Metre Rcheck
Baumit Montage Metre Zcheck
Baumit MosaikTopcheck
Baumit Movement Joint Horizontalcheck
Baumit Movement Joint Verticalcheck
Baumit MP 69check
Baumit MP 69 Speedcheck
Baumit MultiContact MC 55 Wcheck
Baumit MultiFine RK 70 Ncheck
Baumit MultiPrimercheck
Baumit NanoporColorcheck
Baumit NanoporFinecheck
Baumit NanoporTopcheck
Baumit Nivello 50check
Baumit openThermcheck
Baumit PowerFlexcheck
Baumit PremiumPrimercheck
Baumit PuraColorcheck
Baumit PuraTopcheck
Baumit PVC Bellcast Beadcheck
Baumit PVC Corner Beadcheck
Baumit PVC Movement Beadcheck
Baumit PVC Stop Beadcheck
Baumit PVC Window Profile Ideal Beadcheck
Baumit ReCleancheck
Baumit Rondelle STR U 2G Grey EPS Capcheck
Baumit Rondelle STR U 2G Mineral Capcheck
Baumit Rondelle STR U 2G White EPS Capcheck
Baumit Sanova SP Greycheck
Baumit SanovaPrecheck
Baumit SanovaPrimercheck
Baumit SEPcheck
Baumit SilikatColorcheck
Baumit SilikatTopcheck
Baumit SilikonColorcheck
Baumit SilikonTopcheck
Baumit SilikonTop Finecheck
Baumit SpeedTopcheck
Baumit SperrGrundcheck
Baumit Spiral Anchorcheck
Baumit StarColorcheck
Baumit StarContactcheck
Baumit StarContact Whitecheck
Baumit StarThermcheck
Baumit StarTherm Naturecheck
Baumit StarTopcheck
Baumit StarTrack Bluecheck
Baumit StarTrack Duplexcheck
Baumit StarTrack Orangecheck
Baumit StarTrack Redcheck
Baumit Stop Bead with Meshcheck
Baumit STR Hcheck
Baumit STR U 2Gcheck
Baumit STR U Fixing Toolcheck
Baumit STR U Plugcheck
Baumit StrongTex 300check
Baumit SupraFixcheck
Baumit SX Airlesscheck
Baumit ThermoPutzcheck
Baumit UniPrimercheck
Baumit VS 60check
Baumit Window Profile Flexiblecheck
Baumit Window Profile Idealcheck
Mineral Wool EWI Slabcheck
PlinthTherm XPScheck
StarTex 160check


These texts will describe your project in our online and offline publications.


Upload pictures

Here you can upload photography of the project. We need the pictures in high resolution for print (minimum 2MB and a resolution of 300 dpi) as jpeg, tif or png.


      Terms & conditions

      *I hereby confirm that all of the submitted reference images of the project may be used free of charge in terms of copyright and personal right for marketing and PR purposes by Baumit Beteiligungen GmbH and its affiliated companies
      *I confirm that Baumit products were used for the facade design of the project and acknowledge that Baumit reserves the right to select the participants for the UK Facade Challenge and the 2020 Life Challenge.
      *In the event that personal data are transmitted within the meaning of the GDPR, I confirm compliance with the provisions of the GDPR, in particular the information obligations under Articles 13 and 14 GDPR against the data subject. Furthermore, I confirm the acknowledgment of the privacy policy.