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Klima Products – Inspired by nature

Just like an egg shell, Baumit Klima products contain lime. And just as an egg shell provides protection for the chick, acting as a climate chamber and even providing food, with their lime-based material Baumit Klima regulates a buildings moisture and provides fresh internal air.

Lime plasters disinfect naturally

The ideal relative air humidity is between 40 and 60%. Dust mites, which can cause asthma, also thrive in high humidity levels. Air that is too dry not only leads to increased dust levels, but also to dry mucous membranes, resulting in an increased risk of infection, for example as a result of flu viruses during the cold season. Sources of humidity Showering, cooking, drying laundry and breathing by a family of four releases 20 litres of water into the air every day. Building and repair work can also lead to residual humidity inside. The humidity must be vented and can be partially absorbed by walls, floors and furnishings and released later.

How to control air humidity

Baumit Klima plasters regulate moisture in a similar way to the human lung. With their microporous texture, they form a climate-regulating surface. Compared with other building materials, Baumit Klima plaster absorb a large quantity of moisture within a shot time, and when room humidity is low, they gradually release the moisture back into the surrounding environment. This leads to a significant reduction of humidity peaks in the room and ensures a pleasant and balanced indoor climate – not too humid, not to dry.

Naturally disinfect air

Thanks to their climate-regulating properties, Baumit Klima plasters act as large moisture buffers, consistently ensuring a balanced indoor climate, reducing the risk of mildew and mould. Their high PH value of 12-13 gives them anti-mildew and antibacterial properties. In addition, their anti-static surface means that they cannot gather fine dust.


How it works

The Klima range has been designed and developed based on research and testing of products in a natural living environment.

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