Baumit KlimaDekor

Ready-to-use internal lime plaster

Natural white, ready-to-use, lime-based and ecological thin coat plaster for internal use. Available as natural white or can be tinted to Baumit Life patel colours.

  • Ready to use

  • Vapor permeable

  • Low in emissions

Ready-to-use plaster for manual or machine application. Full covering, easy to create textures and elegant classic plaster finishes. Solvent and emission free, KlimaDekor also regulate room climate.

25 kg bucket
Amount of packaging on pallet:
app. 1.6 - 1.8 kg/m² rubbed
K 1
Max. grain size
1 mm
Baumit KlimaDekor

Colour selection

All colour samples shown serve as a visual guide only for your chosen product. A test sample can be requested and applied on the façade for final approval prior to full application. Slight differences between colours shown here, colour swatches, colour folders, natural samples and the materials provided are possible due to production processes and cannot be claimed against. Colour and texture uniformity can only be assured within a single production batch. Please note: The structure/texture and nature of the substrate may affect the actual colour appearance.