Baumit EWI - PlinthSystem

Reinforcing plinth solution

  • Reliable protection 
  • Water-repellent and resistant to mechanical stresses
  • Ideal for renovation

Baumit PlinthSystem

The plinth and perimeter area is one of the most highly stressed areas of a building. It has to contend with rainfall, splashing and high levels of mechanical stress.

The render should always be waterproofed on the plinth area, waterproofing provides additional protection for particularly vulnerable areas. 

The detailed image of the base below shows the recommended build up. It is always necessary to apply a reinforcing coat.

Composition of plinth thermal insulation

In many cases, the substrate consists of bitumen insulation.

  1. Adhesive: Baumit BituFix 2K or StarContact White

  2. Insulant: Baumit PlinthTherm, high density XPS board

  3. Reinforcement layer: Baumit StarContact White 

  4. Primer: Baumit PremiumPrimer

  5. Render: Baumit MosaikTop, acrylic based, stone quartz effect render

  6. Sealant: Baumit DS 26 Flex final sealing layer

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