Baumit PlinthSystem EWI - Plinth Insulation Systems Guide

Reinforcing Plinth System

If something is important, it makes sense to give it protection and elevation. That’s where plinth systems come in. Subject to an intense level of mechanical stress, plinths must be functional and strong enough to support a building. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy other qualities too. . 

Here at Baumit, our plinth insulation and rendering is specially designed to not only perform well but to look good while doing it too. With our plinth solution, you can enjoy the following:

  • Reliable protection in the form of acrylic render
  • Water-repellent and resistant to mechanical stresses
  • A product that is ideal for renovation

Baumit PlinthSystem

The plinth (and surrounding perimeter area) are some of the most highly stressed areas of a building. They must contend with rainfall, splashing, and high levels of mechanical stress.

Since the plinth area bears the brunt of the elements over time, the render should always be waterproofed, or at the very least water-resistant to provide additional protection for particularly vulnerable areas. 

The detailed image of the base below shows the recommended build up. It is always necessary to apply a reinforcing coat.

What is the ideal composition of of a plinth structure?

The diagram below details an optimal plinth structure. For the best results, be sure to use Baumit’s range of render insulation and acrylic render to finish the job.

In many cases, the substrate consists of bitumen insulation.

  1. Adhesive: To bond everything together, an adhesive is required. Depending on substrate use either Baumit BituFix 2K or StarContact White

  2. Insulant: For the plinth insulation, Baumit PlinthTherm, high density XPS board, is best for ensuring optional insulation. 

  3. Reinforcement layer: To add strength to your plinth system, you can rely on Baumit StarContact White a mineral-based adhesive componenet used in Baumit's EWI systems. 

  4. Primer: Before applying the render, you'll need to prime the plinth surface with our Baumit PremiumPrimer. This product ensures an excellent application of the topcoat due to its filler grain properties.

  5. Render: As for the render itself, Baumit MosaikTop is perfect to give a stone quartz effect to your plinth. As an acrylic render, this water-resistant render is optimal for use on plinths and a building’s splash zone.

  6. Sealant: Lastly, to put it all together and ensure your project has longevity, use Baumit DS 26 Flex as a final sealing layer. From here, you can paint on top of this layer using any one of the colours and textures from our Baumit Life range. 

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