Baumit PowerSystem - High Impact Resistant EWI System

Baumit PowerSystem:
The Best Impact Resistance

Baumit PowerSystem is a high impact external insulation system for extreme weather conditions. Providing up to 70 joules of impact resistance, PowerSystem takes facade protection to a whole new level.

  • High impact resistance
  • For extreme requirements
  • Cement-free basecoat

Strong façades 

The Baumit PowerSystem is a cement-free external wall insulation system offering the highest levels of impact resistance. PowerSystem gives your facade a protective ‘shield’ by perfectly balancing toughness and elasticity, which is beneficial for the facade. In particular, modern architecture without roof projections that expose facades to high stresses.

Ultimate solution for all around protection

Designed to operate at the extremes of performance PowerSystem offers the highest levels of crack resistance and weather protection, essential for good levels of health and thermal comfort.

An Unbeatable System

The heart of this system is reinforcement using Baumit PowerFlex. This  cement-free, ready mixed reinforcing mortar is a powerful innovation from the Baumit Research Centre. Particularly high-quality binders combined with very elastic fibres and precisely dosed fillers make Baumit PowerSystem the best impact protection for thermal insulation. 
Baumit PowerSystem is ideal for use with Baumit StarTherm insulation whenever more resilience is required.

The best impact resistance

Severe weather fluctuations appear to have increased dramatically in recent years and thermal insulation is not the only thing that needs to be considered in construction. Issues such as impact protection and weather resistance have also become a key factor to consider.  Baumit PowerSystem works by being tough and flexible at the same time. The toughness and elasticity of the system are perfectly balanced, which is beneficial for the façade. 


  • Highly effective impact protection
  • Weather protection all year round
  • Thermal insulation and resilience in one
  • For high mechanical stresses

System Components

Power System

Base- new masonry or original base
1. Final Topcoat - Baumit StarTop is a highly weatherproof topcoat render, complete with silicon binder and a functional filler, providing the building with a quick drying finished façade surface in damp weather conditions.
2. Basecoat - Baumit PowerFlex is a ready-to-use, cement-free, fibre-reinforced organic base coat.  
3. Reinforcement - Baumit StarTex is a warp-resistant and alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh that is used to produce a reinforced mortar layer on torn old rendered facades.
4. FixingBaumit STR U 2G is designed for mechanical fastening of polystyrene and mineral wool insulation boards.
5. Insulation - Baumit StarTherm is a grey expanded, square-edged, polystyrene boards.
6. Adhesive - Baumit StarContact White is a vapour-permeable, fibre-reinforced adhesive and base coat render. It is made from breathable aerated lime and is extremely weather-resistant.