Baumit PowerFlex

Ready-to-use, cement-free and fibre-reinforced organic base coat.

Ready-to-use, cement-free, fibre-reinforced organic base coat. Specially developed for Baumit PowerSystem external wall insulation system to give high impact resistance. Complies with ETAG 004.

  • High impact resistance

  • Excellent flexibility

  • Weather resistant

25 kg bucket
Amount of packaging on pallet:
Water vapour permeability
app. 100
SD value
0.3 m (at 3mm coat thickness)
W value
app. 0.05 kg/(m².h^[0,5])
Thermal conductivity
app. 0.7 W/mK
Max. grain size
0.1 mm
app. 1.8 kg/dm³
Baumit PowerFlex

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