Facade Renovation - Easy Guides To Renovate Facades

Why Facade Restoration Is Important

  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Durable

The easiest way to renovate your façade

A façade not only serves as decoration for a home; it also forms a protective shield around the building defending it from the many different environmental influences that can leave their mark over the years.

Whether you require a refreshing coat of paint or a full renovation, we have created systems designed to meet many requirements. Our façade renovation products can give your building a fresh, new look that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also protective.

  • Ensure strong protection for your building
  • Protect walls from future cracking & weathering
  • Reduce heating costs with thermal insulation properties
  • Durable, long-lasting solutions
  • Unbeatable in renovation 

Baumit Renovation Systems

Riasy na fasáde

Visual renovation

For a quick but effective renovation solution to give a building a feeling of newness simply with a new coat of high performing paint or render.

mikrotrhlinky na fasáde

Specialist renovation

Specialist plasters for the renovation of older buildings that require additional protection for existing masonry and features.

Trhliny na fasáde

Full façade renovation

A strong, solid thin-coat render system when a little more repair work is required. Guarantee a quick and strong long-lasting façade solution.

Simple Solutions: View the Guides

Znečistená fasáda
Weathered, dirty façade

Although not a risk structurally, the build up of dirt can leave a house looking less appealing. Achieve a refreshing renovation.

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Picture of peeling paint being peeled off a wall
Peeling paint

Remove old peeling and flaking paint and simply brighten a house with a fresh coat of high quality external paint.

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Image of a mans hand up against a wall with a cracked surface
Cracked surface

A cracked façade needs attention sooner rather than later, as if left can lead to long-term damage structural damage.

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Silno nasiakavý povrch fasády
Mould and algae

Strongly or unevenly absorptive base may cause origination of blurs on the newly applied facade colour.

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Preparation is key

Substrate Preparation
To achieve the flawless end result you require for your renovation the existing substrate needs the correct preparation. The Baumit range features several prep and prime products to prepare walls ready for new paint or render to be applied. Whether it is just to remove dirt and mould, or resurface sandy or peeling facades, with the right preparation Baumit can guarantee a quick and long-lasting finish.