Can You Customise Your Render?’: Your Questions Answered

Render is more than just the outer layer of a building. The right render can transform an exterior, with a high-quality finish that also provides impressive performance. At Baumit, we think render should be functional and appealing, which is why we’ve created such a diverse range of options for you to choose from.

Learn more about Baumit renders, and what they can do for the aesthetic appeal of your building, with this guide. 

Can I customise my render?

Yes, you can customise your render with Baumit. Our diverse range of options, plus an exceptional variety of pigments, allow you to render in a way that works best for you — both in terms of a practical solution, and as an aesthetic decision. With Baumit, you can customise the look of your building, without having to sacrifice the performance of your materials. Pick the perfect facade colour with this guide.

For a bold finish with intense colour, try Baumit PuraTop. This thermally-insulated render uses cool pigment technology to create a facade that’s both fade-resistant and energy-efficient.

No one wants their high quality render to become degraded by bad weather. The Baumit StarTop render provides the ultimate in weather resistance, using a high-quality silicone binding agent and a functional filler for smooth application and better protection. 

The only thing better than a fresh facade is a render that stays looking brand new for years on end. Baumit Nanopor uses innovative self-cleaning technology, developed from years of experience, for a high-quality render that uses sunlight to evade dirt. 

It isn’t just about colour. At Baumit, we also offer a range of facade finishes. These textured choices work with the facade paint to create a render perfect for your building. With Baumit CreativTop, rendering a wall can be creative and expressive. 

Can Baumit render be tinted to any colour?

Yes, Baumit render can be tinted any colour, from soft pinks, to rich blues, to intense reds, to natural greens. We even have twelve shades of white, for the perfect finish in the most timeless colour. We understand that your design choices are as unique as you are, which is why Baumit offers an extensive shade range. Rendering a wall can be a beautiful and individual choice. 

Wanting to add a touch colour to an already rendered wall? Find the perfect exterior paint for you with Baumit PuraColor. This organically bound facade paint is water-repellent and easy to work with, and features our largest colour range.

Why choose a colourful render?

There are many reasons why you may choose to customise your render. Within our range are renders designed for use on a variety of substrates. Using the Baumit render colours, you can update an old building, and bring new life to a dated facade.

A colourful render can be used to make a building unique, especially with the diversity of finish on offer from Baumit. A premium customised facade render can be used to complement an existing space, and help a property to fit into a community. 

How do I choose the right render?

Picking the perfect render isn’t just about finding the right colour, although with the Baumit customisation options, design doesn’t have to hold you back. The performance of the render, how it will react to your building’s substrate, and the texture and finish, are all key considerations.

We understand how important it is to choose the right coloured facade. That’s why we offer so much variety. Learn more about how high quality decorating products, and which solutions are right for your property, with this guide to facade render.

Still unsure on how to choose the right render? Take a look at our beginner’s guide to render, which can answer all your questions. 

Does Baumit have a monocouche render?

No, Baumit does not offer a monocouche render. Baumit does offer the UniRend system which is finished from a choice of a variety of silicone renders, which provides a longer life than a monocouche render, and is a more cost-effective option in the long run. 

Customise your project with Baumit

Whether it’s your building or someone else’s, the right rendered facade can transform a project. Contact us to discover what Baumit can do for you, and learn more about our products and services with the Solutions Guide