Baumit StarTrack Duplex

Mechanical fixing tailored specifically for use over existing external insulation finishing systems.

The Baumit StarTrack Duplex was developed specifically for doubling the insulation of existing external wall insulation systems using Baumit Duplex technology. With the StarTrack Duplex , Baumit has developed a solution for the attachment of the new thermal insulation composite system onto old substrates. Drill diameter = 8mm

  • For use over existing external wall insulation

  • Strong adhesive bonding

  • Also for concrete framework

Application: The new Baumit StarTrack Duplex is also positioned in a pattern measuring a maximum of 40 x 40 centimetres and approx. 10 centimetres from the building edges and openings – such as windows and doors – as well as approx. 10 cm horizontally from the base profile. Mark the pattern, for example using a chalk line or an anchor plumb line. The Baumit StarTrack must be positioned on the load-bearing substrate. Only use a hammer drill or a percussion drill with solid building materials. Anchoring depth in load-bearing substrate: ≥ 40 mm Shaft length: 138 mm Borehole depth: 150 to 155 mm Rate of product consumption: at least 6 StarTrack Duplex fittings per m2

Baumit StarTrack Duplex